Map dump

I’ve been on sick leave, and spent some time drawing a sort of fever induced dungeon map. It came out pretty OK so I started thinking about other maps I’ve drawn. One thing lead to the other and here is an art dump of different maps I’ve drawn since 2016.

Now there are of course more maps drawn, these are just the ones I found that I didn’t need to feel embarrassed about and that I’m sorta proud of. Here it goes!

Village. Muddy streets. Artificial cave.
Some type of temple or outpost. I guess.
Hidden cave. It’s always fun to break up the pace with some side-view dungeons.
Cave lake. Shrines. Dungeon. Hive.
Now it starts getting interesting – three map styles on one page. The top one is the more standard Dyson-esque dungeon and cave. The bottom one I’ve never seen anyone else do – and I think it’s pretty cool.
Shading made with blue ballpoint pen. A lot of my maps are inspired by Kevin Campbells style. I envy his scratchy style.
Experimenting with thinner wall, like in buildings rather than underground structures. I like the bottom one most. (Symbols in the top are the date, can you work it out? Shouldn’t be too hard.)
Now I’m going a bit too experimental, but maybe it’s a VR sorta dungeon?
Woah! Suddenly spaceships! Top left is my favorite, but I think the one on the right would be perfect for a zero-G dungeon crawl. Probably inspired by something I saw on Runehammer (that guy is delightful).
Kevin Campbells style influence on me is very clear in these four pieces, especially the top two. The third from the top is my favorite though, there is something about the verticality with the stairs.
I saw this Questing Beast tutorial on how to draw medieval neighbourhoods. And I was hooked.
Whoops… *laboratory.
I never got around to finishing the pink trim. And I don’t go in to old sketchbooks to do changes, that’s cheating!
The Safe Sail Islands. I like the area names.
Now this map was actually used for a game! Or a version of it. It’s the dungeons under the crystal ruins mentioned in the DRUIN AKRYA – Clinical Roll: Season One Synopsis.
This one too! See DRUIN AKRYA – 2nd Initiative – S2E1.
I think this one might have been featured here on Hear The Lamentations of the Players before. Anyway, I didn’t finish the rivers since I was thinking players should be able to explore the island and fill in the map as they went along. Sadly I never got around to play this game.
I do a lot of my drawing on trains, and if I recall correctly this was drawn on a long train trip back from the north of Sweden. My ideas was to fill that square with a story exert or a short poem… Maybe digitally?
Islands are fun, and so are peninsulas. I think you need some kind of gondola or canoe to navigate those orange canals.
This scifi settlement make me think of the heads of those giant mechs in Neon Genesis Evangelion for whatever reason. The shape I guess…
It’s a cave I drew to sort of test out a style.
(Fun note: If you rotate the image 90 degrees to the right it looks like a goofy dinosaur who got something stuck in her throat.)
This is the piece i finished yesterday. An idea I had was that if only one layer of squiggles/pipes/intestines is blocking the path, it’s impossible to pass, but you can see through it.
(There is also an easter egg hidden somewhere for the keen eyed viewer.)
Feels very Peter Draws.

Sorry for the long post with only me bragging. I have no real excuse. Just thought it looked empty.

Me and some colleagues will soon start a new campaign set in my long-pondered-never-actualised science fantasy setting. So. Hope to bring you some quality content from that soon!

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